1 Visit and login to your account

2 (a) Select the drop down option on the top left corner.

(b) And select PRE-MATCH

3 Select the sport you are interested in.

4 Find the game or games you would like to bet on with any of our 4 easy methods:

A Choose from our most popular or popular competitions on the homepage

B Select a particular league that would interest you.

C See upcoming games in order of kick-off time eg games starting in the next 3 hours, 6 hours, or 12 hours etc


D You can also search for a game in the search button.

5 The default bet type is Match Result. If you would like to see more markets, click the name of the game

note: the + sign shows how how many markets are available for you.

6 Make your selection(s) and they will be added to your betslip

7 Tap BETSLIP to enter the amount of money you will place on the ticket created.

8 Complete your betslip by entering a bet amount and click PLACE BET

Click here to place pre-match games.