Sports betting is risking money on a prediction about the outcome of a game.

CASTLEBET offers  more games to bet on every week than any other sports betting company in Zambia.

We list events by sport, competition and date so they’re easy to find and bet on.

You can bet on the result, goalscorers, final score, number of goals and almost anything else you can think of.

Betting on the result (1X2)

The top market you see when you click on a game is 1X2, a bet on the match result. It’s simple:

1 – Home win (Team 1 to win)

X – Draw

2 – Away win (Team 2 to win)

In some sports, it’s called Moneyline or 12, because a draw (X) isn’t a possible outcome.

CASTLE Tip: In cup games, 1X2 is the result after 90 minutes. If it’s 0-0 and the home team win in extra time, the bet is settled as X, not 1.

What do ODDS mean? How are payouts calculated?

Decimal odds show how much you’ll win for every 1 staked.

– Liverpool 3.00

X – Draw 2.50

2 – Barcelona 2.00

In this example, a 10 bet on Liverpool pays out 30 (10 x 3.00).

Your stake is included in this total, so the profit is 20 (30-10).

You can bet PRE-MATCH : This means you can make bets before the games start. 

To learn how to place PRE-MATCH bets: Click here

You can bet LIVE-IN-PLAY: This means you can make bets while the game is being played.

To learn how to place LIVE-IN-PLAY bets: Click here

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Castlebet Zambia offers the widest range of games and markets as compared to any other betting company.